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What is Misbah Volleyball Academy?

Misbah Volleyball Academy is a non -profit organization that exists to help young people of the remote areas of Pakistan to improve their quality of life through sports.

Misbah Volleyball Academy has been promoting sports and physical activities among girls in the area as well as in capital by organizing various training sessions and fitness camps with special focus on how to maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle in order to boost one’s performance. We have started a volleyball academy named (Misbah Volleyball Academy) for girls in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan where we train girls of all age groups and prepare them for future competitions. We are working on different projects with different International NGOs who help us to promote sports in Pakistan and to promote gender equality in playing fields.

Our very first initiative was to create a volleyball academy for girls in the region. The purpose of developing a platform in the form of a volleyball academy was to provide an environment where young athletes can improve their game of volleyball and maximize their opportunities to play at both the competitive level and at all levels and disciplines (as volleyball is a lifetime sport).

The Academy program is geared toward the physical, moral, linguistic and professional development of the youth in local, national and international sports. Players learn the important values of team spirit, sportsmanship, and hard work in the environment of competitive athletics. We encourage the development of skills for players to compete at the highest levels of volleyball they can achieve and also focus on the physical and mental development of all players. We also utilize the athletic environment to teach life lessons that are applicable on and off the court, including (but not limited to) leadership, teamwork, work ethic, dealing with adversity, etc.

Our Goals

The primary goal of this organization is to develop women leadership among young girls of remote societies to  encourage and facilitate women involvement in sport and physical activities. With the help of young leaders, we aim to create space for girls in the marginalized and patriarchal communities so that they can engage in sports and physical activities without any restriction. By exhorting women to reclaim public spaces through participation in sports activities, we aim to develop a sense of acceptance among the communities for women participation in the arena of sports. We believe that participation of women in sport and physical activities not only provides health and social benefits inherent in sporting activity, but it also forms a greater sense of empowerment that expands beyond sporting arena into everyday life.


  • Organization of workshops and training sessions to impart leadership skills to emerging women leaders in sports.
  • Acquaint them with skills of planning, execution, and management of sports initiatives for women.
  • Impart team building, teamwork through workshop sessions and outdoor activities.
  • Organizing seminars and workshops to identifying the challenges of leadership in sports for women in Pakistan and propose germane solutions for them.
  • Enhancing coaching capacity and expertise to uplift the standards of women volleyball in Pakistan.
  • Promotion of sports through seminars and camping in different areas of Gilgit- Pakistan
  • To create a safe space and a healthy environment for girls in society
  • To ensure the maximum participation of girls in sports or any physical activity to overcome Mental health issues and Gender base Violence.
  • To promote sports like Volleyball in the region and all over Pakistan.
Misbah Volleyball Academy is a non -profit sports organization that exists to help young people of the remote areas of Pakistan to improve their quality of life through sports.

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